Happy New Year 2014

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Happy New Year 2014Happy New Year to all. I’d like to thank you all for visiting my site and sharing my articles. You all have made writing technical articles and experiments both worthwhile and fun. Getting though the new year is a huge thing for as this means that this website has a good chance to go forward and grow even further. All of this can only be achieved because of you fellow readers and technology enthusiast.

A Look Back at 2013

2013 has been a fun year, we talked about so many things ranging from coding techniques to fun stuff such as the Raspberry Pi articles. On of the most fun aspects in writing those articles are providing exposure to new open source development projects and less well known development tools and libraries. I always think that it’s important to increase the public exposure to them because not only that it will increase the number of contributors to the project, it will also serve as a moral boost to the developer. It’s always great to know that someone out there use your applications and appreciate what you have done. This is one of the guiding principals of this website.

I’d like to recap some of the notable open source or “indie” tools that we tested and write about in the past year.

  • Libre Plan
    • A great open source online project management plan, suitable for medium to large projects.
  • Waypoint JS
    • Simple tool to detect scrolling positions and create sticky elements on any websites.
  • Fast DosBox
    • An awesome tool to play dos games under RaspberryPi with some hardware accelerations.
  • Open Atrium
    • A free document management system suitable for home and office usages. We tested this with the resource limited Raspberry Pi and it still works just fine for light usages.
  • Luakit
    • A super fast and light web browser for Raspberry Pi.
  • RetroPie/RetroArch
    • One of the best all-round retro gaming system emulator out there. Works great with Raspberry Pi.
  • And many more technical and productivity oriented articles…

Welcome 2014

In 2014 there will be many more quality articles from, so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Should you have any articles to contribute, do not hesitate to contact me through Twitter or Facebook.

Happy New Year 2014!


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