Sync Files Between Harddisk in Windows 10

October 7, 2018 9:41 pm Leave your thoughts

A short post which would hopefully help those who need to sync 2 hard drives and misses SyncToy.

In my spare time I do a lot of photography and as you probably know, the RAW files these days are huge especially when using those full frame cameras. The ones generated from my D800 are about 45MB to 50MB each. Which means that over time I accumulated terabytes of images. Those RAW images sit on my portable HDD while the ones that I have processed and happy with are sitting in a cloud storage safely.

If this is an ideal world I would have stored those RAW files in cloud storage as well. However, due to the size, it won’t be cost effective and I it would take forever to upload (my internet connection isn’t the fastest… ). So for now, I settled for hard disk backup.

Previously when I was running windows 7 for my image editing workstation, I used Microsoft SyncToy to sync the two harddisk. This is not possible anymore easily since Windows 10 (you can still install using different .NET framework). Also, I don’t want to risk it because the program is no longer supported.

The best and easiest solution that I can found so far is by using GoodSync, I set it up within minutes and started the backup. The only caveat is that the free version only allows up to 100 files to sync. I just started using it myself and I’m planning to upgrade to full version.

The other alternative which I haven’t tried is using rsync. Since Windows now supports Linux subsystem, in theory it’s possible to mount both drives and use rsync to synchronize.

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