Remember to Install Custom Node in Windows Subsystem for Linux

September 3, 2018 11:02 pm Leave your thoughts

I started playing around with running reactJS app under the Windows Subsystem for Linux. In my case I opted to install the Ubuntu operating system. The installation of the Ubuntu subsystem itself went pretty smooth through this instructions ( . Then I used my favorite terminal tool ConEmu to access the bash command.

Upon starting my simple project, I noticed that node binary does not exist even if I have done sudo apt-get npm install. Pretty sure it was supposed to install node as well.

In any case, the problem was easily solved by adding the node repo manually and then installing nodejs with that. I simply followed the instructions here ( After that nodejs works fine just like when I used my normal Linux machine.

I think it really shows how far the WSL has come through. Now, if only docker would play nice out of the box using WSL then it’ll be even more awesome.

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