6 Best Places to Find Free Commercial Use Fonts

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I love fonts, a lot of them are good looking and most are very scalable. In fact this website’s logo is made of fonts, I didn’t have to use any graphic editors to construct the logo. Just fonts and css. The result is less painful scaling on high resolution screens.

Getting fonts can be expensive though, especially if you don’t know where to look. On top of that, as I have mentioned previously on my free stock images article, you need to make sure you have the right commercial licensed free fonts if you intent to use it for non-personal purpose.

So here is a list of 6 best places to get your free fonts for commercial use. Of course, please always double check before using one as licenses can actually change after this article is published. Happy browsing!

Lost Type

losttypesThis website is really cool. There are a number of high quality fonts in here, in fact I think almost all of them are. What makes this interesting is that pricing model is “pay what you want” so basically you can even put $0 if you want to. Of course I highly recommend paying as you see fit; and no I am not affiliated in any way with them.

Font Space

fontspaceThere are serious number of fonts in this website. Basically you can search more than 20000 free fonts that you can use in your numerous projects. However remember that not all of them are free for commercial use.

Should you with to search for the commercial use ones. You will have to browse your category and once the selected categories are displayed, you will have to enable the filter. When the filter come up, simply tick “Only show commercial-use fonts”.

Da Font

dafontYet another huge free font site. Though the design is not as fancy as Font Space or Lost Type, if you can’t find a font on those two then Da Font might have it. Again, be careful when choosing for commercial use. In order to filter properly, select a category or search, then in the filter area press on more options, then tick public domain and free.

Font Squirrel

fontsquirrelAs said on its front page, the fonts in this site are 100% free for commercial use, now how can this get any better? You won’t need to filter properly or anything because everything in here should be usable for any kind of projects. Browsing around this site though I have the impression that there aren’t as many font choices as Da Font or Font Space however I’m sure you’ll be able to find something good in this site.

As for how can it get any better, Font Squirrel actually have a web-font generator. Basically you can use this website’s font generator tool to upload most font files and then the tool will convert that file into web embed-able font files.  Give this one a shot if you can, it’s a pretty handy tool as you don’t need to worry about converting for different browsers and writing the CSS codes.

Font Spring

fontspaceThis is a commercial website with free fonts section. Unfortunately there is no way to filter by license on this site, you just have to simply browse and check the font details carefully.

Google Web Fonts

googleLast but not least is Google Web Fonts. In this place you will find 600+ open source fonts to be used for anything. According to Google’s website everything is licensed as open source. As always, make sure to double-check the licenses as it may change at the time this article is written.


So there you go, 6 best places to get free for commercial use fonts. I hope this post has helped someone.


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