Raspberry Pi: Luakit Downloadable Shortcut Card

April 6, 2013 10:10 pm Leave your thoughts

luakit_shortcut_card_coding_epiphanyToday we are going slightly lower-tech. As I have mentioned in my previous article, one of the fastest browser you can get is Luakit. This browser is so much lighter than Raspbian’s default browser Midori. In addition, this browser renders so much nicer than the other pre-installed “lighter” browsers such as Dillo.

The only real catch is that in order to use this browser properly, you have to remember the proper keyboard commands, for example: esc to enter to neutral mode, :0 to open a URL, etc. To be completely honest, I can’t remember them all the time myself. There are a lot of other things that I wanted to focus and memorize upon, therefore I have created a nice looking¬†Shortcut Card,¬†which you can print and stick it on your monitor. Of course, should you wish to, you can also make this a part of your Raspberry Pi background image.

I have sized the shortcut card image to be printable using 6×4 inch photo paper for printing convenience. So if you can also use any 6×4 photo frame to make this shortcut card stand on your desk :)

So click on the image below and save the full resolution image to grab it.


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