A Stab from Google AdSense, but the Show Will Go On!

April 5, 2013 9:11 pm Leave your thoughts

Some of you might have seen that this website has some Google AdSense ads previously. However as of a few days ago Google has disabled my AdSense account, even though it only generates income to buy a couple cups of coffee, not even enough to cover this website’s hosting and maintenance. The reason why, I will never know as their “experts” did not disclose the reasons.

However the Show Must Go On.

I’d like to view this in a more positive manner. Disruptions most are most likely associated to growth. It is the same as our growth as humans, we crawl, tried to walk, fall and finally we managed to walk and run. The fact that this site has grown so much in the number of users means I am doing something right and is going to the right direction of my 2020 Vision.

The increment of clicks, can be associated by interested visitors or on the darker side “click bombing”. Whichever happens this means we are gaining traction and I will not be swayed into stopping what I’m doing.

As I have explained in my reasons, I created this website to help contribute back to the community. I still firmly believe that if we help other people, we will be rewarded in ways that we never think of, we will grow bigger as we contribute; this is the way life works. However the inverse also works the same way (eg. clickbombers, etc…hint hint =) ), hurt other people  and you will never be rewarded in your life, be aware. We all reap what we sow.

New Opportunities Shine

Yes, something like this is bad and I do take this personally, not monetary but in principal. I am not some cheat who would buy traffic to get my ads clicked. Again though, I believe this is a wake up call for me that AdSense is not for me as well as a learning experience. There will be other opportunities.

“…you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a-changin’…”   — Bob Dylan

This is a lyric that struck me straight away. I think this applies for everyone using Google AdSense to start thinking of their alternatives. Also for those thinking of using google AdSense, consider and research for alternatives. Of course this kind of problems also presents opportunities to other advertising networks.

Lastly of course for those considering advertising via Google AdSense, be aware (sadly I was one of them years ago). It would be a waste of money and of course websites with proper contents like this one is being kicked out, while I have seen numerous dubious websites being left alone.

Let Another Round Begin, Live to Win

As Paul Stanley said, live to win! I’ll adhere to my 2020 vision and keep this website updated with high quality contents to give back to the IT community. See you in the next article, very very soon :)

UPDATE: after a few months my account is re-instated, I might give this another chance but I’ll have to see how I go.

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