Why Coding Epiphany


Why did I Build to Share Quality Articles for Free?

Some may wonder and indeed some have asked the above question. The answer are three simple visions which I will explain later.

An Eye Opener

When I was 17 I used to have a website as a hobby, this was back when wikipedia wasn’t that big and Google wasn’t the dominating search engine yet.

I put up some tutorials such as Photoshop 5, HTML 3, some historical articles, along with my early educational software such as picture matching and mathematics racing game. Those were all simple games, written in simple Visual Basic 6. Now I did have intention to share knowledge but I didn’t care if anyone opens the page. I just did it for fun.

Until one day, an email came through to me. A girl sent an email to me thanking for one of my history article, she said that she cried with joy when she found my article. Apparently it was near exam time and she lost her notes, with my article she was able to continue her study for the next exam period again.

It hit me like thunder, that proper high quality article is needed by a lot of people out there. We as humans always learns, therefore I have dedicate this site to share high quality articles on coding, IT business process and various equipments. Knowledge is meant to be shared and there is no such things as bad knowledge my friends. Now that I have more knowledge and resources, it’s time to get more serious about it.

Another Eye Opener

As I mentioned earlier, I used to code for fun during my teens, just hoping that someone would found some benefits or at least have fun with the software. I distributed them online for free.

An email came through, a teacher emailed me about how he/she was impressed with the maths program and wanted to include it as a free gift for the students learning maths. Of course I gave the permission. This is yet again an eye opener for me, there always people out there who can learn from you. I can never forget those two emails and the importance of knowledge sharing. Which is why I came up with CodingEpiphany.

Everyone Needs Exposure

I realize too that there are a lot of quality developers, IT project managers and many more IT related professionals out there which do not have the opportunity to gain exposure. Therefore I plan to have this website as a medium for anyone to get their names out there via quality articles. All they have to do is contribute some articles and it’s free “skill advertisement” to potential audience of the similar industry.

Give and You will be Rewarded

The quality articles in this site will always be available for free because I believe those who gives will be rewarded in some ways that we can never imagine. For example: knowing that you have assist someone in their life journey is reward enough, it was a mental and spiritual reward.

This is the way nature works, give and you shall be rewarded my friends.

With that let me present our 2020 vision.

Our 2020 Vision

These are the top three vision of what we will achieve on year 2020.

  1. Make available at least 80,000 quality IT articles (tutorials, reviews, etc)
  2. Maintain free access for everyone around the globe
  3. Distribute articles actively to assist everyone in their learning journey, we’ll measure this one by at least 3000 twitter followers.

The Journey Continues

If you agree with our 2020 Vision, then consider contributing 1 or 2 articles.

Over the course of 3-4 weeks I have written a couple of articles and see that they have been beneficial to some extend. I will keep writing on whenever I can. However I will need your help to reach the goal of 80,000 quality articles by 2020. I have a full time profession and you all have too, but if we pool our free time every now and then to share an article, we will reach the goal my friends.

So, if you support our cause, consider contributing. Thank you very much for reading this.

Warmest Regards,