What’s Next After Elementary OS Install?

October 24, 2017 8:30 am Leave your thoughts

I wrote in my previous article that my experience with Elementary OS was a good one and it’s still is. Today I’d like to share 2 handy customisations that helped me a lot with the experience.

Minimize Button

Yes, the original design language of Elementary OS does not have the minimize button and it’s okay as a decision, it wasn’t a dealbreaker or anything. I personally like to minimize my windows though sometimes, just to be able to clean up my desktop view when I have too many windows opened.

In order to achieve this, fortunately, there is a software (or a system settings extension) called elementary-tweaks. I installed it from the app is accessible through the system settings app.

The result is that I now have the minimize button on the top right, like the screenshot above.

Custom Programs

There are now quite a number of Linux games around from mainstream developers. I thought this is pretty cool, especially when I first used Linux around 15 years ago there were none of them around. The only options were ports of older games or Wine, which was flaky at best.

Anyway, I downloaded a whole bunch that I already had through Humble Bundle and GOG. Some of them though were plain archive without any installer and I’d like to have them on the application menu.

Enter AppEditor, this is an app which allows me to add any kind of software to the application menu. This is really cool as I think this is one of the easiest application menu editor that I’ve ever used. The screenshot above shows my custom entry for the Day of the Tentacle remastered.

I’ll post more tweaks as I used Elementary OS even further.

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