Running 1Password 4 in Ubuntu 17.04

October 17, 2017 8:08 am Leave your thoughts

Recently I built a development machine running Ubuntu 17.04, it makes so much more sense given the technology stack that I am dealing with, such as reactjs, docker, java, etc.

There was just one thing missing, which was 1Password. Of course there is also the online 1password offering, but I had already invested in this version. Plus with 1Password 4 I am able to use any file sharing mechanism.

The problem that I encountered was that the app installed properly but could not be launched. It said that it cannot find the path to the program, thankfully it was easy to resolve.

Here are the steps that I took to install 1password

  1. Install the latest winehq package. Download it from here:
  2. Download the standalone 1Password installer from here:
  3. Simply doubleclick the installer from the file manager just like a normal application,
  4. Install all the required default package automatically such as wine-mono.
  5. This is important, when asked where to install 1Password, make sure you choose drive_c. It won’t work if you install it under program files. Probably because of the spacings, etc.
  6. Run 1Password as normal. You can then load the vault from any location.

I hope this article helps. It surely made me happy that 1Password now runs on my linux machine.


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