Simple JIRA Ticket Printer for Physical Kanban Wall

August 26, 2017 5:36 pm Leave your thoughts

I work in an agile environment where the teams use physical Kanban wall together with the JIRA board. Physical kanban walls are awesome in my opinion, but it can be tedious to setup at the beginning of each sprint. We would normally nominate someone from the team (taking turns) to write up the cards and put them up the wall. Sometimes this gets left behind.

Being a scrum master with technical skills I thought I should really write something quickly just to fetch the JIRA data using its REST API and lay it out as printable cards. After printing out, all I have to do is cut the cards accordingly and stick it up the wall. The photo on the right is just a try out on top of my monitor.

The software that I wrote is open source and its hosted in bitbucket. Feel free to use it. JIRA Ticket Printer is built fit for purpose at this time (less than a day), therefore think of this as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) release. It’s runnable locally via its vagrant script or installable on any Apache/PHP server.

Clone the software here: 

Cloud version here:

Instructions on how to run it are in the bitbucket page.

Hopefully this’ll help anyone that needs to print physical cards :)

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