May the Fourth be With You! Star Wars Day!

May 3, 2015 8:47 pm Leave your thoughts

Star Wars has¬†always been the corner stone of every coders’ movie selections, the universe, the stories, the characters and the gadgets never gets old. So in case you haven’t noticed yet, 4th of May is the international Star Wars day :)

So I just want to share a couple discounts on Star Wars stuff that you might be interested. I actually bought some of the X-Wing games from Steam, even though I had one of them, the boxed version of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. The interesting thing is that after all this time, the game play is just as much fun as it was back then. So I reckon, if you can take advantage of the discounts, just get the X-Wing packages. It’ll definitely help a lot if you have a joystick handy, you don’t need an overly expensive one, back then I used a 2 buttons model only.

So here are the deals:

Amazon Deals

Probably the most comprehensive ones with apps, movies, collectibles and LEGOs!

Steam Deals

This is where I got the X-Wing games, really great prices of the Star Wars games from here.


Good old games also have heaps of Star Wars games available. Better hurry since this one expires quite quickly. Best to compare prices between this one and steam.

Get the discount package for the flight games here and for other Star Wars games here.


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