Opera Coast is Pretty Good

February 27, 2015 9:51 pm Leave your thoughts

I stumbled across this particularly different offering from Opera while browsing around their website. Opera has always been an interest to me as they come up with interesting things from time to time. As soon as I saw Opera Coast I was wondering what is that and I installed it on my mobile phone as soon as I can.

Just a Speed Dial?

IMG_8832At the first glance, Opera Coast looks like a glorified speed dial page from the usual Opera Browsers. However this is much more than just speed dial. I like to think that this is an app launcher which launches websites. Once you are in the app it’s as if you are in a different OS launcher all together.

Customisability is pretty good as well with each of the icons easily moveable by dragging them into multiple pages. The background is also customisable and to add to that the app actually saves the background customisation as a new theme therefore you can quickly switch back and forth between your customised backgrounds.

Adding a new website to the launcher is as simple as opening the website and then when returning to the main page the icon will appear at the bottom, I just had to simply drag it to the launcher area.


IMG_8833 IMG_8834The other main feature of this browser is searching. This is almost like having google search always there for you and the good thing is that the search suggestions are presented visually. Even before typing anything it’ll give you banners of top stories suggestions, in case you don’t even know what to search.

Again as I said previously, it’s a good browser for those ad-hoc browsing session when you’re just passing time and not really sure what to read or look at.


The Verdict?

Opera Coast is a polished app from Opera geared towards quick and ad-hoc browsing. It’s perfect for the times when you just need to pass a little time and there’s internet connections (yes there are places without internet…). The app itself is very responsive and runs smoothly. This is a good look at our humble web browsers from a different perspective which is a bit of fresh air in the now stale web-browser market.

Just one thing to improve though, I think if they can add their Opera Turbo technology to Opera Coast, this app will be even better.

Opera Coast will be staying in my front page launcher for the foreseeable future.

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