Inspirational Quotes Special Page (a Blurred Modal Implementation)

July 1, 2014 6:28 pm Leave your thoughts

quotesExampleIt’s probably just me, but one of the best way to start a day is by being greeted with an inspirational quote from great people. In fact not just at the beginning of the day but perhaps any time when you are feeling a bit tired or stressed.

Opening a web browser is almost always the first thing that I do in the morning, be it before breakfast or during daily commute. For a while now I’ve wanted to have a random inspirational quote being displayed on my screen on top of a high resolution calming background wallpaper.

Now that I’ve done the css styling, I decided to build the inspirational quotes page in this website. The page features more than 30 inspirational quotes and multiple high resolution images. In the beginning I build this mainly for myself but I have decided to share this with all of you.

Bookmark the page or make it a default start page in browser and hopefully when you stumble into one of the great quotes you will be energized for a while.

Oh and of course in the spirit of coding, this is also an implementation example of the blurred modal technique that I posted recently.

Enjoy the quotes and the scenery backgrounds. I will post an update every time I added more backgrounds and quotes.

View the Inspirational Page Here

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