Add a Splash of Colours to Your Pebble Smartwatch

February 1, 2014 12:34 pm Leave your thoughts

Skinned PebbleI have used my Pebble watch for a while now and I still maintain my positive opinions about this smartwatch just like my initial article. Of course, being a gadget enthusiast, the black KickStarter backed pebble is starting to look somewhat usual. Perhaps because I kept using this watch almost on daily basis. So I started looking into some ways to “skin” my pebble to add a splash of colour and variations to the watch. In addition to adding some colours, I’m quite sure adding a skin would give the watch some additional protection, after all, if something happens to the lens it’s not going to be very easy to replace, unlike conventional watches. A quick research re-assure my assumption regarding maintenance, see this iFixit article.

With this in mind, I went shopping around the internet for some sort of Pebble skin. Turns out there are a couple of companies producing these skins. Some of them are SlickWraps, Skinomi and GadgetWraps. In the end I went with SlickWraps because they had a promotion at the time I purchased the skins and because they have heaps of variations (no I’m not affiliated with them at all).

Package Completeness

Skin WrapThe SlickWrap pack that I received came with complete sets of skins, they are cut to precision as well. They have included 1x body wrap, 2x screen protector, 2x buttons skins, 1x charging port cover. The only thing that I have not idea what to attach to is the square-ish part.

In any case, the parts included in the pack are complete for covering the while Pebble watch. In addition they have included a screen cloths too.I think it’s a wise move from them to provide double parts for the buttons as it might come off by accident (hasn’t happen yet though).


Pebble SkinIn order to find out if this skin is durable enough, I have worn mine for a week before writing this article. So far I have subjected the SlickWrap skins to photography trips to the ocean, hand washing, frequent button pushes to read notifications and adjust settings and other day to day activity indoors and outdoors.

It has also been subjected to direct sunlight exposure at around 35-40 degree Celsius and so far it’s not peeling off or wrinkling at all.

So far, the skins are amazing, it has not peel off nor move out of its original positions. The screen protector included is also durable too, there hasn’t been any visible scratches so far.

Is it Reusable?

To some extend, the skins are reusable. As long as your hands are clean and taking extra care not to get dusts sticking to the adhesive parts of the skin, you’ll be able to re-use the old skin a couple times. Take care to stick the old skin back to the white packing sheet.

The screen protector on the other hand is not re-usable at all. Good thing they include 2 in each of the pack, once peeled off the screen protector became hazy and distorted. You shouldn’t have to peel off the screen protector just to change the skin though.

Is it Worth It?

I think with the price that they are asking it’s not a bad thing to try out, it gives some variation to your pebble (especially the black ones) and it also protects the original pebble body and lens.


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