Broken Age Initial Impressions

January 15, 2014 11:00 pm Leave your thoughts

Broken AgeThis is an exciting moment, today I received the copy of the game that I backed in Kickstarter last year: Broken Age. Now this is not going to be a detailed game review obviously, this post is simply reflecting my excitement upon starting the game and playing it for the first time. It’s always a great pleasure to see a game that we backed turning into the real thing. The DoubleFine team really did come through with their promises!

I’m playing Broken Age on my MacBook Pro 13inch and it’s running very well with the resolution toned down. Of course it’s not the game’s fault, it’s simply because the machine is not built for gaming. In a couple days I’m going to try on my more performance oriented machine, I’m sure it will run even better.

Artistic Treat With Old-School Adventure Game Feeling

Artistic Broken AgeI have to say honestly that every single scenes that the game offers so far are almost like watching a smoothly animated pastel paintings. All the artworks are high quality and animations are done beautifully.

Just like what was promised during the Kickstarter campaign the gameplay consist of point-and-click mechanism and the use of inventory system to move forward through the story. Even the crosshair feels like a homage to the “Day of the Tentacle” cursor. The character movements are smooth and cutscenes are very interesting to watch, not to mention there are a lot of “comedic” responses within the conversation.

Of course, a game is not just about graphics and pretty animations, the story also matters. While I have not play Broken Age through long enough yet, I can see that the story is going to be very unique. It started feeling like a story coming straight out of a children’s book, however it got more and more serious very quickly. When I say serious it doesn’t mean difficult of heavy but more about gaining more substance and contents.

Great Voice Acting

Any adventure game players would tell you that if the game’s characters are given voice actors to act out their conversations, it can either make or break the game. The concept is similar to animation films having good voice actors or bad ones. Throughout the portion of Broken Age that I have played, the voice actings are top-notch. I personally think that it’s very well done. The voice “colours” for each of the characters are all suitable so far.

Is it Worth It?

Broken AgeOf course it is. This game is worth every dollar that I spent on it and the waiting time from the first time the Kickstarter campaign for Broken Age start until today.

If you haven’t order this game yet, make sure you order it via Steam. It’s pretty awesome and it doesn’t cost much at all. Also note that I’m not affiliated in any way with this game, this quick impression post is purely here because I’m excited to finally play Broken Age.


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