Just for Fun: Build Your Own Pacific Rim Mecha Poster

May 26, 2013 11:42 am 2 Comments

jaegerSo the awesome (I think it’s gonna be) mecha movie Pacific Rim will come out soon and Warner Bros has created a web application for all of us to design our very own Jaeger, what a fun little app. This reminded me of the old Mechwarrior games where we buy parts and build almost totally custom mechas. Of course with this app the end result is your mecha on various poses and scenes which ended up as a Pacific Rim poster in HD.

The app itself runs on Unity 3d engine (no connection with Ubuntu Unity) which is an engine to create 3D applications such as games, that would run on browsers as well as mobile devices. Unfortunately Unity 3d doesn’t work on Linux, it currently only supports Windows and OSX. So if you want to try this Jaeger builder, then you’ll have to use either Windows or OSX.

Anyway, have fun building your own mecha poster here.


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